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Hi, I’m kristen

I’m an advertising copywriter, trail runner, coach, dog mom, friend, sister, daughter, you-name-it, etc., and I’ve been nerding-out on all things running, blog content, creative writing, digital strategy + design for as long as I can remember.

I believe in sweating the details, showing up even when it’s scary, NOT having to do all the things, and finding the best way to connect, grow, and work as a creative team, an athletic team, and simply as a human being.

As a trail ultra marathoner and coach, I find joy in the mountains, good books, and strong coffee. I feel most comfortable surrounded by dogs, summer wildflowers, and oxygen deprived summits.

As a copywriter, my job is to help clients simplify their content, discover niche audiences, create compelling stories, and to not forget to fill out my time sheets.

Want to sling stories, ask about coaching, have an idea you want help collaborating on, or just want to say hey?
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